Ways to Conserve Water in Garden

  • Using Magic Soil, also called Potting Soil is one of the best ways to plants your bulbs this summer season. Magic Soil or the so called Potting Soil has a unique quality of absorbing maximum amount of water when it is being watered. It then stores this water and releases it only when the plant needs it. This way, it helps in the healthy growth of the plants and makes sure that they are not deprived of water in the summer season
  • Using decorative terracotta pots will be a huge mistake you would be making this season. Since terracotta is porous in nature, the pots tend to lose water keeping the plant deprived of it.
  • Use of ceramic pots instead will be a great option for growing flower bulbs in the summer season. Ceramic is not porous in nature and is also opaque in nature. Therefore, it will not allow the plant to lose unnecessary water and also it being opaque will not allow sunlight to pass through it keeping the plant cool in this hot season.
  • The direct scorching heat of the sun can be fatal for the plants. Therefore placing them in shade is a good option. Along with that, grouping them together is also one of the ways to protect them from direct sunlight. The leaves of each plant will shade the others, helping them remain cool this summer.
  • Use of large plastic containers is also not such a bad idea for conserving water. Plastic also is not porous in nature. Therefore, it will prevent loss of water helping the plants conserve water and grow healthy.