Way to Eradicate Lily Pads

Manual Extraction

Manually pulling out the lilies is one option to curb their growth rate. You could also find extremely dense patches, for this it is advised that you cut the lilies with secateurs or pruning shears. One should wear tall boots, waterproof clothes or swimsuits while removing lilies, this will prevent you from getting wet or from being slung in mud in case you fall in. Clear all the lilies on a regular basis from shallower areas so that their rate of growth is controlled on a timely basis.

Mowing or Raking

Cutting removes the lilies only from the surface and did not totally uproot its growth from the base level or roots from far beneath the water. In case of swimming pools or large ponds where recreational activities such as boating are undertaken, it’s advisable to purchase a Weed Cutter. Cutting is a brilliant technique for controlling lilies that you are removing, especially when you’re covering a large area.

Pond Control

It’s very important that you clean your pond or drain water from it from time-to-time basis. This is a very cost effective ecological solution to kill lily pads. While construction of the pond, these slight details help in controlling the growth of lilies, add a slight grading of the slope towards the edges, it will help minimizing the root growth at the edges. It has been witnessed that lilies grow rapidly in old filthy ponds vis-à-vis to fresh clean pond, hence regularly cleaning the pond is very crucial in order to control plants.


This is yet another step in order to retain the lilies as well as maintain its growth rate. It will keep the beauty of the pond intact while restricting the growth of lilies. Preserve the lilies that remain in your pond in anchored or sunken hidden pots, the same can be camouflaged with pebbles, stones or organic matter which adds to the look of the pond. You can select a dark colored pot preferably green or black as it will become invisible under the water surface.