Watering Tools for Yard

Watering can

Traditional watering cans are effective water-saving tools. While it may be easier to use a hose, the impact of heavy water that flows on it can damage your plants. Additionally, watering cans are recommended to use on small potted plants because the amount of water it holds is just enough. This means you can prevent water wastage.

Hanging basket wand

Plants that hang in patios and trees like orchids and other decorative plants are easier to water using hanging basket wand. You can just angle this longer wand near the breaker end and your plants get hydrated at an instant. Compared to holding up a hose, this watering system is lightweight and easier to position correctly.

Rain gauge

In areas where rainfall is abundant, this little tool is very helpful as it shows how much natural precipitation has fallen on your lawn or garden. You will be able to determine if you need to water your yard or take a day off from the responsibility. Make sure to empty the gauge after every rainfall in order to get accurate data.

Soaker hose

Newly planted seeds need low-volume watering system. A soaker hose is an ideal tool because this provides proper hydration. It makes sure that water truly seeps through the ground. To achieve the all-natural look of the plant bed and to prevent water wastage, you can cover the soaker hose with mulch.


Schedule watering in your lawn and maintain this through a timer. This affordable gadget will help you ensure that your lawn is green at all times. Watering timer can be set to the necessary duration. Before you leave, turn the spigot on. You’ll have your lawn and garden hydrated according to the set schedule.