Table Top Water Fountains

Outdoor water fountains are made of many types of materials. They can be made of poly resin, pottery, copper, bamboo, metal, iron, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum and the list goes on. If an object can hold water, it can be used in making an indoor or outdoor water fountain. Due to the size that outdoor water fountains need to be, they need to be created out of materials that are lightweight enough to be relocated from space to space.

Outdoor table top water fountains are usually small in height. They can measure anywhere from five inches to twenty- four inches, although the average height seems to be somewhere between ten inches to eighteen inches tall.

The uniqueness about outdoor table top fountains is that they can be placed anywhere in your garden or patio. Some of the smaller ones can be placed around flower beds to create an amazing effect of water flowing around the flowers. While, others can be placed on patio tables, counters or wherever there is space for the fountain to draw attention.

Pay attention to the water fountain before the purchase. Some fountains do not have the same safety features of others. Many of the outdoor water fountains have “back doors” for access to the pump, LED lights and other items that may need adjustments. The better quality units have manufacturer’s warranties for up to one year.

Outdoor water fountains are very popular and there are all types and sizes and configurations to choose from. The prices of the fountains vary as much as the different types of fountains. There are some varieties of fountains that are very inexpensive, but not good quality. As always, “buyers beware”.

There are quality outdoor table top water fountains for as little as $50.00 and that can include a manufacturer’s warranty for up to one year. The fountains with warranties can cost into the hundreds of dollars, defined only be the look desired to create. The more elaborate the fountain, the greater the cost.

There are some beautifully painted fountains with all types of adornments; butterflies, bird, gnomes and fairies. Many of the more costly fountains are equipped with LED lights in various places of the waterfall to draw attention to the water as it cascades through the fountain.

When purchasing an outdoor water fountain for your patio or outdoor space, consider the style, consider the size and consider how well the product is manufactured. If the unit is to be placed on the ground in a garden setting, consider a ground wire and the URL ratings.