Reduce Regular Lawn Care Chores

  • Lessen the size of your lawn. Your turf requires sufficient supply of fertilizer and water to maintain their good condition and appearance. You also need to mow and weed your grass regularly, which will demand a lot of your time and effort. You can reduce the time you spend doing these gardening chores and your expenses in buying fertilizers and water bills by reducing the size of your yard. You can lessen the size of your lawn by replacing parts of the corner yards with grass with a border of low-maintenance shrubs and perennials. You can also reduce your lawn care chores by positioning plants closer together and mulching the areas in between to smother and keep out weeds.
  • Create an outdoor room or entertainment area.¬†Aside from having a patio or gazebo built on or near your lawn, you can also place pieces of furniture on your outdoor space. Invest in water-resistant chairs and tables and have a fire pit constructed as well. These fixtures will help reduce the size of your lawn and related gardening tasks and you get additional space for family gatherings and entertaining guests.
  • Cultivate native plants. Grow native plants that are accustomed to the local soil conditions and climate since they are likely to survive without an abundance of fertilizer and water. You can easily find and buy native plants you can cultivate from local nurseries. Aside from native species, plant perennial shrubs and flowers as well so that you will have permanent flower beds without replanting each season.
  • Lastly, xeriscape your lawn.¬†Xeriscaping means cultivating slow-growing and drought-tolerant plants to so that you can conserve water and establish a waste-efficient landscape. This is also another effective method of reducing the amount of grass and sensitive plants that you have to take care of. By xeriscaping your yard, you can lower your water consumption and reduce the time you spend on plant care.