Maintain Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture

  • Vacuum the different pieces thoroughly to remove any dust and debris. Dust and other particles can easily get caught in the cracks and grooves of the weave.
  • If the pieces are extra dirty, give them a quick wipe with some water and a mild detergent. Be sure to let them dry completely before sitting down. Wet wicker furniture can become saggy if it is used while it is still damp. Allow it to sit in full sunlight for at least a day so it can dry completely.
  • Another method to clean soiled sets is to spray it down with a garden hose. However, do not use too much pressure. High water pressure can damage the integrity of the material.
  • Sometimes, painted sets need to be touched up. Purchase some spray paint in the same shade as the set and touch up any areas that need attention. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations on the type of spray paint needed for the particular model of furniture.
  • To prevent any damage or dirt from accumulating, consider storing the different pieces away during cold weather. This will prevent any build up of winter precipitation and debris.
  • Be sure to dust away any pollen as it begins to accumulate. It not only builds upon the fabric and wicker, but it also contributes to allergies.

There are several ways to properly maintain the integrity of these pieces in between cleanings. First, monitor the weather. If it is going to be extremely hot, cold, or rainy, consider covering it or even moving it to a more protective area. Warm weather can cause the material to bend and sag while cold weather causes it to become brittle and easily damaged.