Lake Weeds

Raking, Cutting & Pulling Weeds Is Not The Solution But A Serious Problem

This mechanical removal of aquatic weeds can result in the spread of lake weeds. This is because most lake weeds have the ability to reproduce by fragmentation. Even if you break off a piece of the plant, it will sink into the bottom and reproduce thousands of similar weeds in just a short span of time. Did you ever noticed, how many little pieces of weeds are floating around after you rake? If you do cut and rake it is crucial to get all of the fragmentation out of the area.

Are You Applying Herbicides on Your Own

If you are applying on your own, feel free to contact us for free advice and recommendations on mixing and application methods. You may use too less of it or too much of it. In both the scenarios, the problem persists and you may end up using more of herbicides. This can end up costing you more money or not producing the results you desire. You may also contact a fully trained licensed professional who has experience handling these herbicides.

So, the solution is to know how to apply the materials to ensure results that are cost effective or to hire someone to apply the materials for you. The proper use of these products will enhance the water quality and you can make the most of your recreational pond.