It Only Takes One Seed

Many offer excuses for not planting a single seed whether it is a flower, herb, or veggie because they don’t have the room, time, or the ambition to farm for their livelihood. False fronts always deny the teller of inspiration that can alter lives and bring individuals closer together by understanding why we are here and what our mission in life is. If you don’t have an acre of land, then a flowerpot or even empty coffee can will do. Flowers may not be our forte but a fresh herb added to your famous pot roast recipe will bring you untold pleasure not only from words but from being privvy to others finding pure enjoyment in what you have accomplished in your kitchen. No time – in less time then answering a single email, or stepping away from a commercial on tv, you could begin the process of bringing life to a piece of heaven right in your kitchen or den. As to no ambition to be a farmer – maybe that is not your dream in life but you have to attest to the fact that every time you pick up a fork, or place a flower in your lapel – somewhere a farmer has added to your life’s beauty and taste sensations. Food, flowers, herbs, even a cactus plant gives you moments of inspiration or meditation. You cannot keep that smile hidden behind your frown on the day when you see that first shoot breaking its way through the soil right there on your kitchen window sill. Try as you might, yelling at it just doesn’t come to mind as you marvel at what nature has so conveniently placed in your hands to nurture and develop.

Gardening on a single scale or a whole delightful garden is up to the individual, but no matter the size, the choice of plant, or even the reason that you received a free packet of seeds from your corner deli as a spring promotion – you were meant to be given the gift of being part of the life of this earth’s very core – life – and the beauty of being part of this part of creation on this planet that we call home. Living alone, or with a whole family of sizes and ages, everyone can enjoy a single seed planted where it can bring “spice” to your life, a “rosy” outlook to your day or even a “lettuce” get together moment. It will be what you make of it but you have to plant that seed.

Gardening and growing things is so basic in our human genes that we can try and cover it up with mountains of concerns, but when you see that flower or taste that fresh salad at your favorite restaurant, or even sprinkle oregano on your pizza delight – you have reached into your gene of realizing that everything in life is not manufactured, additives included, or colored from a laboratory tube; it is true, unadulterated pleasure to be part of this basic life component. You don’t have to start by ordering a ton of wheat seeds, but maybe a bedding plant with “monkey faces” better known as pansies from your local Wal-mart. The really weird outcome of starting on this venture is that it multiplies and some day you might just find yourself embracing that seed catalog that is placed in your mailbox. You can hug the mailperson who put it there while you go skipping back to your house to go through your recipes to see what spices you can grow fresh, or what new veggie you can add to your menu with all its “good for you” components.