Ideas Outdoor Awnings

Bilgola House

Bring back the 60’s and 70’s inside your home by opting to create a striped design for your outdoor blinds. The early eras are coming back this year when it comes to home decorating and design and this is the best opportunity for a home decorator to go with these returning trends. Create a tropical feel for your home by creating a beach feel outdoors.


Have your outdoor awnings become movable and foldable so they can be easily kept away if you do not feel like you need them for the day. You can try building your awnings like a flip-flop at the same contrast or as you try to complement your home’s current style and theme.

Rustic Exterior – flower pots venue

Rustic exterior is a very nice trend for many. To give a good highlight on the said awnings, you can try to put some good plants and flower pots to create a greener and fresher look for your home. Nature-inspired design will be back in style this 2016 so you’ll definitely extend the beauty of nature inside and outside your abode.

Woven Blinds

Bring out the eccentric in you and have your outdoor awnings woven. It is an ideal design of your home’s theme and a little classy and nostalgic, perfect if you’re little inclined into weaving. A woven awning fits perfectly as a good decoration especially for the exterior of farms and/or barns.

Printed and Customizable Blinds

Printed and customizable awning can really look good especially if you are into providing your home a good feel of the moment. Sometimes, though, it is not water-resistant or waterproof, but it can be personalized – by means of its designs and use. You can still use printed designs for blinds but have them sealed with varnish to make it last.


Outdoor blinds do not need to be really expensive. Instead, you can use natural materials like preserved or dried leaves to create a good outdoor awning. Moreover, it also provides a good green and refreshing feel to your place.