Greenhouse Ventilation

Environmental conditions in your greenhouse are greatly affected by ventilation. These environmental conditions affect the plant’s ability to perform photosynthesis. This process involves the plant’s ability to convert light from the Sun into chemical energy. This energy is used by the plant to give it fuel to grow. This includes the plant’s ability to take in important elements from the soil and complete the reproductive cycle.

Proper ventilation of your greenhouse will help with air circulation, temperature and humidity control. These factors greatly affect the ability of your plants to grow in a productive manner. This will help provide your plants with the necessary amount of carbon dioxide to grow.

Plants need carbon dioxide to perform proper chemical reactions to occur such a photosynthesis. When the levels of carbon dioxide start to decrease the ability of the plant to grow decreases. Proper ventilation in your greenhouse will help keep the level of carbon dioxide at the level needed for healthy grow.

As the plants grow they consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. But many people do no know that plants require oxygen to grow. Oxygen from fresh air is required by their roots. The roots require oxygen to grow and this is directly linked to the plant’s ability to take in nutrients from the soil.

Proper ventilation will keep the inside of your greenhouse filled with fresh air, so your plants can thrive. Healthy plants will grow faster and give you the best yield of its fruits.

Keeping the proper flow of air in your greenhouse will require expert knowledge of how to achieve this. The type of ventilation system you decide to use will depend on the design of your greenhouse and the plants you are growing. Some of these are natural and others are mechanical systems.

Natural system ventilation can involve just simply opening up a part of the greenhouse. The hoop style greenhouse is well suited for this. Structures which are built from more rigid materials may need a mechanical ventilation system. These structures are often designed to be operated year-round and a mechanical ventilation system is recommended.