Essential Irrigation Tips

Early Irrigation is Essential

Morning hours offer the ideal time to irrigate lawns. This is because the air is cooler during these hours and there is not much wind, which can cause uneven watering. Landscaping experts recommend anytime between 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. Watering during these hours also provides time for the soil to be soaked adequately and dry out before the morning sun comes out.

The Lawn Should be Evenly Wetted

In this case, it is wise to work with a professional irrigation expert to install and test the sprinkler system. They can ensure that it disperses water evenly. A homeowner can do this on their own this by placing containers around the lawn and turning on the system. After a session of sprinkling, he or she should compare the amount of water in the containers and adjust accordingly if necessary. Even sprinkling helps to save water.

Watering Slowly Helps in Efficient Absorption

The irrigation of grass should be planned in advance. Depending on the size of the lawn, this is a task that may take hours, and it is not wise to quicken the watering process. Irrigation should be done slowly to allow adequate time for absorption, as watering too quickly will cause a run-off. The best way to irrigate a yard is to divide it into sections and sprinkle a section at a time. This method allows water in each area of the yard to settle into the soil.

Regular Sprinkling is Important

During the hot months, it is wise to wet the yard at least once every three days. This provides the roots enough water and healthy conditions for optimal growth, leading to a more stable and nourished lawn. Frequent or daily sprinkling is not advisable as it may inhibit the growth of roots.