Controlling Watermeal Weeds

  • Restrict its feed– Eliminate or restrict the diet/ nutrients on which watermeal is fed. Microorganisms such as AquaClear Pellets will consume the nutrients. Insert aquatic creatures to feed upon the weed itself. In case your pond is flooded with watermeal weeds, the best way is to drain the pond and wipe it off completely.
  • Remove debris: It’s important to ensure impurities that settle at the bottom of your pond becomes the meal for watermeal. It’s important to manage the build-up to prevent the rise of watermeal in the pond that grazes on this sludge. Prevent any kind of fertilizer or agricultural run-off settling into your pond, try to restrict falling of leaves from the tree, and use a surface netting that can help trap leaves, or remove all leaves from the pond, daily with a pool net.
  • Aeration:¬†Another important step in this direction is to add a bubble aerator. Proper aeration will not let the water stagnant or accumulate. This method De-stratifies the water layers and provide uniformity to temperature, provide oxygen from top to bottom for the fish and natural bacteria to consume the organic waste, muck and improve water quality. It’s advised to add bacteria in the pond, proper aeration will speed up the cleaning process and remove foul smells and muck in turn controlling the watermeal.
  • Introduce Koi: With the above stated methods, you will largely be able to control watermeal. In order to completely get rid of watermeal, you can also introduce fish that eat this plant, like koi or grass carp. Koi will eat watermeal willingly, while grass carp may eat other plants first and steadily¬†kill watermeal. You can also add few ducks in the pond, these ducks will eat up watermeal and add to the beauty of your pond.